Winter Crowns

Winter (crowns) is coming….

Winter Crowns is a marvellous tournament where each individual player is pittered against each other vying for the Royal title of King and Queen of Ultimate

Winter Crowns is a one day tournament where teams are chosen using a special algorithm (Or maybe just being pulled out if a hat) each game. This happens for each game ensuring an individual player does not play on exactly the same team twice.
At the end of a game, each winning player will get a point towards their name. After the final game each player’s individual points are tallied together, with the highest male and female player earning the magnificent title of King and Queen of Ultimate.

This is the only King and Queen Tournament hosted in Western Australia and has slowly increased in participants each year. The next winter Crowns will be hosted in at the end of June in 2015, so watch this space for more information coming as the date gets closer!